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Columbus Unscripted

Kevin Cordi, Story Telling Workshop - Columbus Improv Festival
Date & Time: Sunday, October 25 at 4:00pm - 6:00pm in EDT
Location: Wild Goose Creative
2491 Summit St, Columbus, Ohio 43202

Tickets are Available

Playing With Stories

Playing With Stories:
Story Crafting for Storytellers, Writers, Teachers and Other Imaginative Thinkers

ISBN: 978-1624910371

Coming Soon!

In this book, you will discover new ways to work with your story craft and find new story direction using play. Indeed, play is a meaningful way to create and learn.

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“Cordi provides readers with rare and important perspectives of the behind-the-scenes world of the storyteller's craft. Kevin Cordi is himself first of all a listener and second of all a teller (and a compelling, spell-binding teller). In this book, he guides readers through the fascinating process of close listening and story crafting. Cordi, a master of the process, always reminds us that storytelling can make a difference in our lives—in so many ways.”

(Amy Shuman, Author, and Professor of Folklore, OSU)

Pre-order a copy now!

Take the Word Dancing Challenge!

Word Dancing Challenge

Discover new ways to create your stories!

"Kevin Cordi is not only a master teacher in the way he coaches youth in the art of storytelling--but he has a powerful energy on stage that is so enthusiastic and captivating, that his passion for his work is immediately evident!"

- Bobby Norfolk
Emmy Award-Winning Storyteller


"While other people are now beginning to cultivate youth tellers, Kevin Cordi has had a successful and reputable youth troupe for years! He is the pioneer in learning about youth and applying his learning to young storytellers."

- Donald Davis
Professional Storyteller

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Raising Voices

"A unique and reliable blueprint for beginning and sustaining a successful group or troupe of storytellers from grades 4 to 12....Raising Voices is the complete, and essential, handbook for this special group of storytellers."

– School Library Journal

Storytelling World Award Anne Izard Award
International Storytelling Network
International Storytelling Network