Creativity in the Classroom: Shifting the Shape of Pedagogy

Although creativity is often linked to the arts, it is important to remember you can be artistic when creating your own curriculum. It is not regulated to an art classroom, in fact, it bridges all disciplines. photo by Annie Spratt, unsplash site “Before coming up with a rationale for arts integration, ask yourself, “What do the arts mean in my life?” Considering some recent experiences might help you here. Think about the last play or concert you attended or a recent exper

The Nature of Creativity

I once had a student in my creative writing class and for whatever reason she chose not to be creative in her assignments. When I asked her about it, she replied, Is it not your job to make me creative? I wrote this as a response. There is a major difference between a creative student and a student who waits for creativity to arrive to them. Creativity is not found in a worksheet, discussion, or even class lecture. It is not found in a poem, dream, or idea. Even if the w