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For over 25 years Kevin D. Cordi has captivated big and small audiences. His tales has been heard in over 40 states, England, Japan, Scotland, Singapore, Canada, and most recently, in Qatar. He caters his performances to meet the needs of those who are listening. He knows how to spin a captivating story that keeps people spell bound. He can craft a story from an idea specifically for a client or draw from his rich repertoire to deliver the right impact.Give yourself permission to allow Kevin to enchant, inform, most of all create a deep resonance for you with his stories.


As Jill Howe, founder of Story Sessions in Chicago recalls:

Kevin Cordi's dedication to storytelling comes through in his performances and the skill with which he teaches new tellers. He is able to convey both playfulness and craft with ease and understanding. As a fellow storyteller, I appreciate how Kevin can facilitate community and the growth of a movement. He is an asset to any company, school, stage, or individual looking to understand and engage in the art of storytelling.

When you give Kevin Permission to Tell, he never fails to disappoint. As Marilyn Kinsella, Director with the National Storytelling Network, recalls:

I've been in the story -biz for many years and watched talent come and go. But Kevin Cordi is one talent that has not only brought his own storytelling skills to the level of "master", but he genuinely wants others to find their voice as well. His work with children, adolescents, and both newbie and seasoned tellers is transformative. He finds the core of their problems and gently leads the teller to discover a new word, phrase, reaction, or image without telling them. He has opened many doors and leaves them open for others to follow.

Kevin knows how to lead an audience with his performance. Give him permission to tell at your home. Give him permission to tell at your business, event, or in your community. When you do, you provide yourself permission to experience a storytelling event that will remain with all the listeners for years. Give Kevin Permission to enchant you with his tales. You will be glad you did.

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