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Kevin believes as Socrates advocates, “you can tell more about a person in one day of play than their whole life.” Kevin believes in the rich work of play. He studies the work on a professional level, securing a Ph.D. from The Ohio State University studying play and story connections. With over 25 years of experience, he has developed a form of story crafting known as Permission 2 Play, which he chronicles in his book Playing with Stories: Story Crafting for writers, teachers, storytellers and other imaginative thinkers (Parkhurst Brothers, 2014).


Here's what a few attendees have shared about their experiences:

"I have not only attended Kevin's workshops (a client) but have also worked with him side by side in the same group. He is a very smart man and clearly knows his stuff. But to me knowing stuff is not the end all. Kevin also has this deep abiding passion for what he does, and is constantly striving not only to better himself, but to help others better themselves as professions, and people. He is very clear when it comes to sharing his methods, and getting a point across, and has the patience of a saint. His methods are calm, and as I said clear, but there is always play, laughter, and excitement when learning or working with Kevin. The man is inclusive of all, and without saying a word, can make you look closer at yourself to improve the person you are. Kevin appears to do a great deal of research for his work which make his work deep and thorough."


Simon Brooks of Massachusetts

"Kevin Cordi is a leader in storytelling in education. He has inspired and informed our field with humor, kindness and generosity. Kevin is admired for the way he walks the walk and he is sought out for his sage counsel."

Norah Dooley, Cofounder of

"Kevin is an extraordinary storyteller, writer, teacher, speaker and workshop leader.‬"

‪Jay O’Callahan, Nationally Known Storyteller

‪"Kevin is fabulous! Friendly, funny, fiercely informative, and able to form stories, storytellers, and anyone into gems like him. Best workshop I ever attended."

Marion Nichols, artist, organizer at City Museum in Saint Louis, Missouri

‪"As an educator and storyteller, Kevin blends creative play with practical teaching strategies, allowing him to work seamlessly with audiences of children, adolescents, and adults. Whether he is telling a story, facilitating a workshop, or writing a book, Kevin is a teacher at heart, and we all learn from his experience, wisdom, and humor.‬"

Troy Hicks, at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Michigan

Kevin knows how to play, but most importantly, he knows how to use play to help others connect better to their business and their own story. He uses story to inform, persuade, and play collectively to help the story be recognized and shine. Bring Kevin to your business, school, company, and/or community and he will lead you in developing the story you need to tell. He will share how play and story crafting leads you into knowing the narrative that is needed to promote your idea and your voice.


Give Kevin Permission to Play and you will not only learn the story you need but you will know the value of telling it.

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