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A conference of three

Today I was in Atlanta for a conference on language and advocacy, I have to walk 20 minutes to get to the site. When I left, the two women who worked at the hotel chided me to get a coat and waited for me to go get one. I did just that and it was cold. I had a wind breaker, this did not exactly break any cold air as I wore it.

Upon leaving an unkempt woman and man crossed the busy street. They seem to know the hardness of the area.

I had my jacket and clenched it tighter in the freeze of the morning. The woman yelled, "you need a hat." I told her I had one (It was actually my wife's ball cap and it would do no good.) I kept walking to get to the conference and she yelled "Do you want one?" I kindly stopped and said 'thanks but I should be ok.' She was reaching in her bag that she stashed on a cart to get me a hat as I said these words.

Now I think perhaps I should of stopped for the conference of three people. This woman, the man, and myself in attendance. I learned about language and that was words of kindness and care. I learned about advocacy for someone that was in the same cold as me saw I too was cold and asking for nothing in return offered me warmth.

Thank you someone I don't know for reminding me about language and compassion today. I feel this act makes you no longer a stranger on the street, but instead someone who cares about others, including me.

In these uncertain times, perhaps we need to offer more hats simply to keep someone warm.

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