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My students meets Ted cup, A Secret Gift Author

My student meets Ted Gup, A Secret Gift Author

by KEVIN CORDI on JUNE 1, 2011


My experience meeting Ted Gup

by Deborah Y. Maddox (Da’bore-rah)

On Saturday, May 07, 2011 I had the privilege to meet Mr. Ted Gup, the writer of “The Secret Gift” a book about how Mr. Gup’s grandaddy helped people that were struggling during the depression. His granddady secretly sent monetary gifts to the people who wrote responses to his newpaper article and he was able to successfully help 150 families during the time period of 1931.

Through our professor, Dr. Kevin Cordi we did a “Story Telling” project at Ohio Dominican University by forming groups and making story boxes for people to write personal stories of special events that took place in their lives. These boxes were positioned throughout a number of places on campus for students and faculty to participate in our project to write their letters. Then through an invitation from Dr. Cordi, our class was informed that Mr.Ted Gup would be speaking at the Ohioana Library and the class was welcomed to attend. I was ecstatic to be a part of this wonderful event.

Mr. Ted Gup was given a suitcase that housed the cancelled checks and the letters requesting assistance for those who were going through hardship during the depression by his mom, one of three daughters of of his granddaddy. What they find inside the suitcase was to become a treasure trove of wonderful blessings to many who had received assistance during that period of time. The book is an heart-wretching account of the lives of a number of the families who had indeed received a “Secret Gift” of five dollars which equated to one hundred dollars in todays economy.

Mr. Gup shared many of those stories and I was greatly moved by this experience especially when I learned that the “Secret Gift” continues even into the 21st century with others continuing to pass on benevolent acts of love without identifying who they were. What integrity! Meeting Mr. Gup and having him sign a number of books for special people in my family as well as my own book was truly a treasure. I am indeed honored to have met this wonderful writer from the state of Ohio and believe that this book will travel through the ages of time because of the importance of its message. Those of us who live in the 21st century and have the priviledge to read the accounts of benevolence are the richer and truly we too receive the “Secret Gift” of love given, love shared, and love remaining in our hearts to pass onto other.

Deborah Y. Maddox (Da’bore-rah) 5.19.2011 Grace and peace in joy…

Making their Secret Gift Box

The “Secret Gift” box my team made & is circulating to libraries.


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