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Think about Joy-a Poem to Remember

Think about Joy

December 12, 2019

In our class we study joy as an ingredient that should be considered in every lesson plan. We study the research of joy and we plan for it. I wrote this poem for my students and because of them. I hope it brings you reflection and plans for equity, then joy, in and out of teaching spaces.

We got this, you got this,

We need this, this we have.

As we consider the reason we think,

act, learn, and teach

it is relevant to consider

Piaget, Bandura, and Vygotsky,

But integral into our curriculum

Is something else that we should see,

always see, help to be.

In our classrooms, in our hallways

In our conversations, in small and tall ways.

Let it be part of our lesson plan

Talking about it, even demand


seeking Joy is part of your class

Equity be considered first

and never last.

As Minor said it recently to me

“It has been increasingly harder

to live joy.”

Can’t you see?

Joy is not about making it impossible to feel sad

Joy is not about restricting who we are when we are mad

It is about seeking to find it in the daily tone

and helping children not to learn and live alone.

Live your joy now.

with your students.

Show them how.


Joy as an action, not a distraction.

Not a detraction, subtraction,

But a conscious action.

Make joy deliberate

Think again, and react.

Make it a fact.

It is not too late, but start now.

We can learn together, with time

we will know how.

Addressing our students by name

so they can reclaim

The identity they lost

by pressure from home, rules,

And inequity

Let them announce who they are

So they are not invisible and

they are the ones we always see.

As an educator, active thinker

Deep listener, ask yourself, are the motivations that

I seek with this child leading to noisy joy?

Noisy joy is the sound of learning, they type of sound that

allows for everyone to listen, hear, and question

Never to be dismissed or be a product of suppression.

Make your joyful noise so the classroom walls split apart

and the sound reverberates to your community

And give joyful planning a healthy start.

As educators, we have so much to see

But if you let joy be your guide

You allow your students to be

noisy joymakers like you.

And what a sound we will make.

Feel free to share how you are noisy about creating equitable and joyful spaces.

By Kevin D. Cordi, Ph.D.

December 12, 201

Dedicated to my Human and Learning Development Students, Ohio University Lancaster


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