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When we consider story making, storytelling expands.

As Storytellers, we need to explore Story Making as much as Storytelling. Too often we privilege the telling as the most important value. We spend time working on our performances when we need to look more at how we make the stories we make ready for performance.

We also need to consider the ways we use stories to make something and that something is not always a performance. Here are some key points to help you value the making involved in story crafting.

  1. We can tell stories, but we can also experience stories together.

  2. We can teach using stories in ways other than telling.

  3. As an ensemble we can build stories together.

  4. Stories don’t always have to have a beginning, middle and end to make a significance.

  5. Storytelling and Story Making can Occur from collective inquiry.

  6. We serve more roles than storytellers. WE are story makers, story listeners, and if trained, story mediators.

  7. Deep listening can determine story direction.

  8. Unlike Mark Twain, who I love, we can continue a story the next day or the next week if the direction is learning from the story, but telling the story happens in concentrated time.

  9. We need to give ourselves permission to play with stories.

Our story practices grow when we take risks. We practice and play becomes our practice. We reflect on our play. We see story as a craft that requires study and working together.

“Together we can and do make a difference with stories.”

Let me know how I can help you as you play, take risks, and expand your work as a storyteller.

Kevin D. Cordi, Ph.D.

National Story/Storytelling Consultant

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1 Comment

Mar 16, 2019

Hi Kevin! I just left you a message on Twitter. I am really excited to have discovered you yesterday. One of my favorite moments on your pages was when you copied that young girl students paper to you about how much you touched her and inspired her to want to do the same thing when she gets older ‼️ How sweet the sound. 🌈🎵🌹Craig

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