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Word Delivery

Word Delivery


Kevin D. Cordi


Sitting alone with my thoughts

it happened.

It was time for a

word delivery.

It calls, word delivery! Wrapped in fragments,

clauses, prepositions, or a barrage of tangle tantalizing tics of

timeless titles and topics, my word delivery arrives.

At all hours

Like lightening, quick and jarring

the words make their entrance.

No metal flying craft carries its package


The word announces its arrival ---

when resting, showering, or simply being idle,

It arrives.

Sometimes as riddle that I contemplate for the night

Sometimes it seems discombobulated, but often is not.

It remains like a curtain residing in a window frame.

A border for my thinking, connected to new and the unexplored.

Sometimes like a slow pulse

It enters to provide a beat, a pulse,

an idea.

Other times

It loudly cries,

I am here, listen to me.

Like a thunderclap, it lands in my mind

Announcing word delivery!

A message for you, a private correspondence

An internal secret to mend thoughts, sew an idea,

or string together randomness.

To form a concert of investigation, speculation,


Because of its delivery, I am no longer

cloudy, forgotten, empty,

wanton—but instead

words carry me forward

to a time once forgotten or barely started or a new place

--A place and time

to remind me I am not alone.

Words sustain and move me

Like a clarion call, the message arrives


When it does,

I answer

I am here.

Kindly thank the messenger for me.

As no signature is needed for word delivery.

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