Our tales have heart beats....listen to them

Our Tales have heart beats…listen to them first written by KEVIN CORDI on AUGUST 26, 2011 Our Tales have heart beats..listen to them What makes us human? Put simply, our stories. At first our stories began with a dash– a simple sharing of quiet times and perhaps wishes of where we could be. But as our time together progressed we shared our wonderings, worries and wildness. We read about others who could not share thier stories and suffered for thier silence. Some people who t

Myths about Youth Storytelling Part Two

I appreciate the response on part one about the myths of youth storytelling. Please feel free to add to these myths. I would invite you to take part in this conversation. Myth #5—TEENS ARE NOT INTERESTED IN STORYTELLING Teens are more than willing to tell stories, however their preparation as tellers cannot be the same method that you use in elementary school. Teenagers have their own stories, however, that does not mean that they will not tell elementary tales. It simply