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Our tales have heart beats....listen to them

Our Tales have heart beats…listen to them

first written by KEVIN CORDI on AUGUST 26, 2011

Our Tales have heart beats..listen to them

What makes us human?

Put simply, our stories.

At first our stories began with a dash–

a simple sharing of quiet times and perhaps wishes

of where we could be.

But as our time together progressed

we shared our wonderings,

worries and wildness.

We read about

others who could not share thier

stories and suffered for thier silence.

Some people

who told stories as

their secret gift

but now

the secret is to be kept no longer.

For you see

our tales have heart beats

Listen to them.

Tell them.

Enjoy the sound.

(This is a poem that I shared with my Applied Storytelling class. I thought I would share it with you. Feel free to share your thoughts. Special thanks to Ted Gup who wrote A Secret Gift, a book all my students enjoyed.)

Feel free to comment or share a story. We are listening. This is a place where stories and more about storytelling is discovered. KC

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