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Are you story gathering? Here are some tips to help.

Story Gathering Assistance Sheet

June 2017

In order to assist you in recollecting stories, I have prepared this Story Gathering Assistant Sheet to guide you.

  1. Create a mindset of awareness for story. What this means is to be open to the idea of story. The best stories arrive when we don’t force them, but instead, relax into them. Don’t see this as a chore, but instead of an invitation to discover or revisit.

  1. Think of two or three episodes about the person or subject. Instead of relying on the old adage of beginning, middle, or end, instead think of simply revisiting something that happened and focus on exactly what happened. The details create the images. It might be a single incident or you might concentrate instead of a visual impression, you might recall a sense that comes from the episodes. If it helps, write down the details you remember, but this does not have to be written down as full stories. In fact, if you simply write down strong images or words to evoke the senses, your ‘story recall’ will increase.

  1. When thinking about stories, consider the importance of ritual. Something that you do every day can make for an impactful story. For example, a holiday tradition, an annual event or ceremony can be roots upon which a story is made. It can also be a powerful story to share.

  1. Plot is not as powerful as character. Although the English teacher, of which I am, may state what happens is the most important thing in a story, what really is vital is who and how they handle the what. Think of the character’s actions and the uniqueness that makes this a story to remember.

  1. Trouble compels story. Although when you were kid you were told to stay out of trouble, the building blocks of story is trouble. This is not to mean, but can be, getting out a serious event like saving someone from a fire, but this can be the time that the person thought something was resolved, but more problems occurred. This type of trouble addresses ways that a problem was increased and attempted to be resolved. By recalling this, one can build a memorable story.

Be sure to subscribe to this blog for more information. Part 2 of this article coming soon. Remember, play is part of the process of creating. KC

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