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How do storytellers help novice learn the craft? Part 2

Listen to the needs of the group of tellers. They will tell you the areas they care to grow, provide a place for that growth.

Adopt A Teller. Experienced tellers need to help novice tellers. The learning Rewards will come for both the teller and the novice teller. Take a personal Interest in building a legacy by helping one teller shares his or her stories. Provide this for free because it is not an investment where you both learn, but it is giving back to the community of storytelling. It is worth the investment.

Become A Personal Coach for the Teller. Too many storytellers have been telling and learning about the process by themselves. Storytelling is meant to be a communal art. As much as the storytelling meetings are at a consistent time, arrange a time, whether it is in person or over the phone, to coach each other. True coaching is simply listening to each other and responding to what is shared. Listen to the needs of the teller and develop your praise and suggestions from there. You will find the more you coach and are coached, your practice and craft of telling stories will improve.

Don’t Rush Your Life when Telling Stories. The way you process time, the Mindset you have for the time you spend in telling stories can help or hinder your work in storytelling. Arrive fifteen minutes early and leave fifteen minutes late. Follow the philosophy of “no time for a hurry.” Sift your ideas, Process your praise, listen to suggestions, and make time for sharing stories and Not just telling them. Sharing stories is a time when stories are felt as well as heard. It can only be achieved if you allow the time that is required to look at times before the story, during the story, and after the story. This is those magic

pauses, the wonderful silence, the talk of your story after and more. It does not happen all the time, but it happens often if you provide the time.

Keep in mind telling stories can be work; however, it is shared work. Tell stories even when you are not ready. Tell stories to see what magic happens when you don’t think you are prepared. Tell stories that have unique advantages. Work the process of story. Examine like a new diamond. Inspect, watch it shine, watch glow, watch it cut glass, but most important, let it shine. Even if the story is not as polished, your supportive group will help you see it glow.

10. Sign Up for the International Mentor Program Arranged by NSN. See me. Have Fun on this Journey. Learn from Each Other. Enjoy the glow!

Let me know how I can help. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Kevin Cordi

“Together we make a difference with story.”

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