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She is not content to wait

A review by Kevin D. Cord from the eyes of a Storyteller:

"She is not content to wait." I recently purchased and read "Her Right Foot" by Dave Eggers and it is a strong reminder that the Statue is not content to wait until there is a time to open doors to allow those who need to enter, to enter. She does not linger while others give reasons that immigrants who flee persecution try to convince us that America is not made up of the same people who are fleeing.

Her foot is

not simply at a position of readiness, it is moving to welcome others. In this time of asking people to declare merit in order to enter, is it not enough that the place they are fleeing is a place of abuse or injustice? Does one have to pass a test when they want a new beginning?

My grandfather came from Italy, raised many children, ran a grocery store in West Virginia, and without his work, I would not know the value of the word father.

I have taught students from Mexico, El Salvador, Russia, and I have worked in Singapore and Qatar and I have taught adults from all over the world, but still I hear misplaced name calling of the people in these places. We need to listen less to headlines and avoid generalizing about countries and cultures.

If you have not worn a burka or talked to someone who does, why judge them? Instead ask questions from a point of learning about why your practice may be different than this practice. If you have not engaged in a Day of the Dead ceremony, venture out, find out the wonder and honor in this day.

This is not to say if people bring harm to the country, the door should swing as wide but we need to remember she is not content to wait, we must work to step onward to find out about these cultures and people.

It is too easy to be distanced and simply say they are criminals or will provide no good for our country, my grandfather stepped on a boat knowing it would be difficult, but he stepped on the boat because a once copper now green woman met him in the water to say, I can't wait till you arrive. I stand here with you to show you the way.

But here we are, our country is full of beautiful people who once left elsewhere and march onward now working to make it a better place. They left, they remain. The story they tell is part of the larger one that is America.

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses...after all, we need to be the land of the free and not restrict due to ignorance. Light your torch to see the people who are waiting to arrive.

Initially the Statue was meant to be a lighthouse, it still is. Keep moving toward understanding and the light will be brighter because of it. It is better to move when we are not in the dark.

If you have something for me to review, please send it or drop me a line. Keep telling, we are listening.

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