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We won the Coveted Storytelling World Award!

Updated: Jan 21


From: Kevin D. Cordi, Ph.D.

RE: Sharing Good News


I am happy to report that the book that I contributed to and served as the Lead Editor Social Action Stories: Impact Tales for the School and Community (2023) published by Parkhurst Brothers received the highest honor provided with the Storytelling World Awards.  


After thirty years of providing awards, this is the last year.  This year they accepted submissions from any past year.  This makes being awarded “winner” even more distinct.  Storytelling World Awards has been and is widely respected as a definitive place regarding storytelling resources.


The book includes an essay about when I explored the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama.  Each social action story speaks to how story can move people to not only address injustice but move to action.   Each story is coupled with activities to help readers act in their own community.


Other essays include:

·      Wendy Welch who speaks to issues of Appalachia with political figures. 

·      Dan Yashinsky discusses the power work with seniors.

·      Lyn Ford details what happens when politics mix at a cab

·      Anne Schwartz speaks to trans issues in the classroom

·      Christy Marie Kent discusses is she doing enough and what is enough to produce change in the community.


And so many more. 


“I know the resources that receive previous awards and to be with this company is valued.  It is rewarding when this organization recognizes your work," Cordi shared.

“This book is a reminder that we need act in troubled times.  It also show how sharing your and others stories can lead to that action.”


 If you are looking for a book that not only speaks to how to address social justice issues, but how to move from the stories of action, we hope you consider this book. If so, we would love to hear about it.

I had the honor of serving as Lead Editor, along with editors Kirstin J. Milks, Ph.D. and Rebecca Van Tassell.  Contributors to the work are educators, librarians, professors, community organizers, and professional storytellers. A shout out to Ted and Linda Parkhurst, a viable publishing company that has published over 400 storytelling and story focused titles.


This book would not have happen without the contributors. They are:  Val Brown, Michael Williams, Lyn Ford, Sherrill Knezel, Kevin Cordi, Loren Neimi, Brittany Brazzel, Beverly Stuckwisch, Dan Yashinsky, Ursula Wolfe-Rocca, Sabrina Joy Stevens, Wendy Welch, Annie Schwartz, Sherry Norfolk, Alexjandra Ivanovich, Jennifer Rudick Zunikoff, Kit Golan, Adelina Aragon, Rebecca Van Tassell, Kirstin Milks, Christy Marie Kent


You can check out the book at amazon at

Some of the authors of book provided a presentation for the Healing Arts Story Alliance. You can purchase this powerful presentation at To purchase a Viewing ticket for Social Action Stories visit:

Let us all share the stories that matter, let us share the stories that advocate change, and most of all, let us listen to the voices that have been silenced or marginalized. They are powerful and invaluable.

Let our stories stay strong.

Thanks to so many who made this award happen. Special thanks to Dr. Joy Flora who created and sustained this program for over 30 years.


Award Rationale. Thousands of new and adapted stories are published each year. Storytellers (and story seekers) are looking for "just the right story" for a variety of reasons and occasions. Most professionals just don't have the time to read all of the new publications, so Storytelling World assists in this search through this annual awards program. Our staff publicizes the awards program through this web site, by e-mails to publishers, and through limited mailings. Anyone (individuals or publishers) may nominate resources to be considered for these awards.

*Your story matters. We would love to hear it. I invite you to reach out.

Kevin D. Cordi







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