He didn’t plan on me being a storyteller, he simply told me stories

He didn’t plan on me being a storyteller, he simply told me stories. Although he spent tired days at Goodyear Tire and Rubber Plant in Akron, Ohio, he came in from this exhausting day recounting how Herbie did or did not have chewing gum for us or how he found something shiny and wanted to share it with the six of his, his kids. Although I treasured the gum and the shiny coins, what I valued most was when my father told me stories. My mother was and is a daily storyteller,

Coaching Stories

As you continue to work with stories, people will come to you to help them with their stories. At this point you take on the role of the “coach.” However, unlike a football or volleyball coach where he or she is concerned about the team, the storytelling coach gears their session based not on a group’s need, but the teller. The term coach can also in some cases illicit bad memories of someone who berated another for their inability or inexperience. This is not the role

Storytelling and Healing

Listening to story is a Healing Practice initially recorded on DECEMBER 31, 2010 in STORYTELLING AND HEALING Storytelling: A Healing Art As we discuss our healthcare, let us not forget the value of listening. This reminded me of an interview that I did and thought I would share again. Healing is about listening and what better way than telling stories? Storytelling is a way we can address healing. Increased pain and frustration happens when we are silenced. As a storytel

Stories as Gifts

When we give a gift, we unlock doors to listening. Giving Gifts: The Basics of Storytelling All of us wonder about life—why is the sky blue, why does the sun come up in the east, why do we have different colors of hair? The list is endless. Before written language, explanations for these natural phenomena were told in stories. This explanatory aspect of storytelling makes it a wonderful teaching tool. Stories can be used to identify unfamiliar terms, new ideas, present cult

Ten Tips to Help Use Stories to Promote Transformation

To be a person is to have a story to tell. -Isak Dinesen 1. Change begins with perception. Remember the telling experience is connected to the listening experience. Someone once told me the reason he considered himself to be a good storyteller is not because he can tell 100 stories, but because he listens to 1000. If telling a story is like a finely woven quilt, one must realize telling comes from the same fabric as listening. 2. Your listeners are the reason for telli

Spotlight on Storyteller Kristin Pedemonti

Today we spotlight the work of Kristin Pedemonti. In our last post we reviewed her latest book and we now are able to talk to with her more about her work. At a time when some people are shouting to build walls, I love that you title your work A Bridge of Stories. Can you tell us how you arrived at the title? I wanted a title that reflected bridging cultures together through the use of story, valuing indigenous and cultural stories and how that may also symbolically connect

Review on A Bridge of Stories-- Risking it all to connect with Belize

SPOTLIGHT ON THE WORK OF STORYTELLER KRISTIN PEDEMONTI Many of us think about being compassionate on celebrated days and certain times of the years however, often we don’t act on it. This is not so for Storyteller Kristin Pedemonti. She advances the call to action of author James Baldwin when he states, “We are responsible for the world in which we find ourselves, if only because we are the only sentient force which can change it.” When I first met Kristin, I was at the Nat

Do you know what it means when you call someone a redneck? The answer might surprise you --A modern

It is hard not to picture the stereotypes associated with terms like “redneck” or “hillbilly.” These stereotypes are often the butt of many jokes. But like any stereotype, these are often labels unfairly placed on people. In his story, Searching for My Appalachia: A Modern Jack Tale, Storyteller Kevin Cordi takes a closer look at his mountain roots thanks to a chance encounter with a modern day “redneck.” Having spent time in the mountains of West Virgina as a child, Cordi

The List ---Book Review

*As a storyteller and a professor of young adult literature I will be reviewing books that are worth noting because of the narrative properties in the book and/or the appeal the book has for storytellers and educators. Imagine trying to live life with only 500 sanctioned words. This is what happens to the civilization that is fighting to survive from the effects of global warming. This makes the book timely because not only the attention it pays to the climate disaster but

Storytelling CD Review: Just Passing Through-how it all looked to a one day dreaming Boomerboy

It is important not to miss good work because it might not yet be in the mainstream. On this blog I will highlight work worth noticing. It could be a CD, DVD, book or simply a person we need to know. I hope you sign up to hear more. There will always be a narrative slant to the work. As a Storyteller and Writer as well as Educator, I truly believe we can learn much from others. In this spirit, my first review is the work of Storyteller/Author Denis Gessing. Stories tol